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"RAKUEN BALI style" is operated by Planning Network Co., Ltd., a Japanese company that sells and supports the villa development site "The Horizone" located in Kubutambabahan Village in Bali (a village located in Kubutambabahan Province, Bali).

"RAKUEN BALI style" is engaged in real estate development business, villa sales, villa rental business, real estate sales, condominium sales, condominium rental, etc. in the rapidly growing Bali, Indonesia.

We are commercializing new forms of idle land and planning real estate properties that are not limited to existing real estate, mainly in the real estate processing industry.

We have partnered with PASTI, a local real estate development and construction company, to develop a number of resort businesses. We are developing a model based on a three-layer structure of land, villa (condominium) and long stay.

Become a project as a business planner. We are engaged in business strategy planning, branding, negotiations with partners and affiliated companies, sales strategies, land acquisition strategies, and tool production, with a focus on Indonesia and the Philippines.


Always look back on the history, look ahead to the next future, create the things and things that customers really want for their lifestyle. Create businesses that society needs. Providing a future with high added value. The fact that they become standards is the reason why we exist.


Implementing participatory planned management, creating and providing high added value, pursuing quick environmental adaptation to changes in the world and maximizing profits, contributing to the development of customers, employees, brains, families, and communities, aiming for the happiness of everyone involved.

Company Brochure

Company name Planning Network Co,.Ltd.
Founded August 24, 2006
Offices 105 High reef Shibadaimon 2-7-1 Shibadaimon Minato-ku Tokyo Japan
Overseas bases Jl. Majapahit No.28G, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 Indonesia
President and CEO Suguru Sasaki
Phone number +81-3-4405-7403
Direct telephone +62-878-5380-3080 ( WhatsApp)

RAKUEN BALI style salon

Offices Jalan Majapahit No.28G, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 80361
E-Mail info@rakuenbali-style.com
Operation day Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm
Please contact us by email or phone before visiting.


Suguru Jack Sasaki

Bali is renowned as a world-class resort and is home to many foreigners who enjoy a rich and sophisticated lifestyle. On the other hand, the southern part of Bali, which has undergone a major change due to tourism development, is facing problems due to overexploitation and population concentration caused by the increase in tourists.

In recent years, in the northern part of Bali, the new infrastructure has been developed by the government with the aim of improving the unbalanced development situation while promoting environmentally friendly development. We must not forget that all industries are based on the rich nature of Bali.

The Kubutambahan area, where The Horizone is involved in our development plan, is one of Bali's most primitive ecosystems. The pristine natural landscape remains, and it is in a position to accommodate the ever-increasing number of tourists. In designing attractive world-class resorts, it is our responsibility to help protect and maintain the local natural environment. As an organization, we proactively adopt a sustainable framework to manage operations and guide the demand and value of future growth.

Our future expansion will continue to focus on identifying, engaging, and acquiring key undeveloped properties. We will leverage developed and trusted relationships with local communities, Indonesian municipalities and international partners. We believe that the vision and mission of Rakuen BALIstyle will bring sustainable long-term value to real estate, tourism, the environment and the community. Let's work with us to create value for the future.


After graduating from university, worked as a corporate advertising, public relations and recruiting agency, mainly for executives, in planning and sales for the overall recruitment of new graduates and immediate employment. He performed pioneering work ranging from new sales through dive visits and TEL appointments to industry-specific horizontal development sales. After that, he returned to his hometown Toyama and joined a consulting company in the field of planning, sales promotion, and marketing. He has been involved in various planning, sales, presentations, proposals, and consulting services.

In May 2005, he started his own business, and in August 2006, he established a planning company, Planning Network Inc. His business achievements include the launch of a management and planning school business, where he also worked as a lecturer on business management and marketing. He has also provided support for the revitalization of local businesses by giving special lectures on his know-how to local high school students.

Since 2006, he has formed business partnerships with asset management companies in 7 countries, mainly in Asia, and currently specializes in Bali and the Philippines.

In 2011, he experienced a major setback in his life. He suffered from depression, but returned to work a year and a half later.

He now spends a third of each month abroad, in Tokyo, and in his hometown of Toyama. In Bali, he owns overseas real estate, and through his business "Rakuen BALI-style" he develops resort real estate, provides long-stay support, and offers original tours.


PT. PASTI is a real estate development company (developer) in Bali. All development properties of the planning network are provided in partnership with PT. PASTI.
For more information on PT. PASTI INDAH INDONESIA BARU, please refer to the developer.


The Horizone

The Horizone is a residential developing project in Kubutanbahan, Singaraja, northern Bali.
"Ocean view" slanted neckline using the hills often seen in Hawaiian properties, where you can see the sea from all sections.
The construction of a new international airport will start at Kubutanbahan region, which is close to this residential land, and the project has started in earnest.

The construction of rail roads and highways that will allow high-speed traffic between northern to southern Bali, where the new airport will be built. And the southern area, where tourism has already been developed is steadily progressing. The development status and the latest information on the northern area of Bali will be updated on the blog.

The main point of the Kubutan Bahan area is its abundant water resources. A sufficient supply of water is essential to the value of the land. While other areas where water does not flow in the northern part of Bali, Kubu Tambahan has an Air Sanih (a public pool facility for fresh water), which is famous for its natural spring water. You can see that there is enough water vein.

Currently, The Horizone has begun land preparation work, and the project is progressing step by step with the development of transportation infrastructure in north Bali. It has become a situation reminiscent of the former southern area, which is currently developing as a tourist destination.

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