The Horizone

The Horizone is an exciting resort development project by Rakuen BALI style.
Of the 800 hectares spread over the Kubutan Bhahan area within 30 minutes of the planned new airport construction site in northern Bali, 200 hectares of land will be created and divided into 8 ares per block. The magnificent nature and ocean view are secured.

Kubutambahan, Buleleng Regency, Bali

Aerial photo (scheduled)

We are currently planning and starting construction for 4 sites. We plan to add 2 more sites and eventually have enough land for 6 sites.
Approximately 100 lots per site, 1 lot = 8a

This is one site that is currently under construction. We will release the remaining two sites as soon as we have more information.

Cadastral map

Construction is progressing and the plot plan is available.

Completion image movie

Here is a video of the finished image of The Horizone.


Singaraja is less famous as a tourist destination, but it has a history from 1849 to 1953, which was the administrative center of Bali in the Dutch colony before the independence of the Indonesian state.


Kubutambabahan Village is within 30 minutes (about 10 km) of Singaraja, where the highway and monorail from Denpasar will open, and there is Air Sanih, famous for its natural spring water. Villages also have access to water, an important factor in considering the value of land.

Expressway and monorail connecting north and south

Highway and Monorail linking the southern island of Bali, where tourism development is progressing, and northern Bali, which has great potential for development, are simultaneously undergoing infrastructure development when a new airport is built in Singaraja. The travel time, which was long in a conventional car, is greatly reduced.

Site Visit

On-site inspections are accepted at any time. In order to understand the current status of the development area, we also offer real estate tours not only on the land site but also on the status of infrastructure related to the project and the formation of the tourism industry in Bali through inspections so feel free to Please contact us.
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One section (8 are 800m²)
Includes land fee, NJOP tax, registration fee, residential land infrastructure maintenance fee

3300Juta (IDR), 3billion + TAX10% 300 million = IDR 3.3billion
1 USD = USD 216,180 for IDR 15,265
1 JPY = 29,729,729 JPY for IDR 111
1 SGD = 291,828 SGD at IDR 11,308
1 CNY = 1,503,800 CNY at IDR 2,194.44
* Rounded down As of 26-Feb-2023